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Frank & Flo started out as an organic creation that stemmed from our love of a good beard and the desire to keep it looking dapper. I, Frankie, am a long time barber located in the heart of Tauranga, New Zealand. Over the years in the industry I found it to be a lack of natural beard-grooming products locally and in huge influx of bearded beasts, me and my partner Aaron immediately began to work.


Years were spent researching the finest quality ingredients, testing, sampling, and fine-tuning until they came out with a concoction so good that the neighbours were soon queuing at their backdoor. A star was then born, and we now present to you Frank & Flo beard oil and moustache wax; hand crafted, locally made and manufactured in New Zealand. Frank & Flo provide a diverse range of quality natural beard oils and moustache waxes that not only condition and nourish your skin but also improve the smell, feel and look of the wildest beards. The benefits are seriously amazing. Curious? Good. Frank & Flo; Quality NZ made beard oil, helping tame the bearded beast, but not the man since 2016. 



This is me, Frankie - the creator of Frank & Flo! When I am not busy melting, stirring and pouring ingredients for beard oils and balms I am spending my time trimming, cutting and grooming at my own barber shop Bay Barbers in Tauranga. After 19 years in the hair industry I dare to say that I kind of know my way around grooming, styling and caring for hair, beards and mo's

Flo by Nick.jpg


This is the second half of the Frank & Flo duo and her role is VERY important - she is the mascot and a source of happiness for us who are working around her! Mine and Flo's paths crossed when Flo was just a chubby little pup' and we have been inseparable ever since!


Artwork by Nick Eggleston

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