Frank & Flo’s beard oil’s are an essential product for manscaping instilling confidence in the both the beard and beast; They contain massive benefits to the skin, aiding hydration, replenishing moisture content and conditioning the skin well below the surface. Beard oil is designed to improve the quality of your facial hair, making it soft and smooth and taking care of things like bearddruff and the common beard itch. Made from 100% natural oils and ingredients, these oils have healing properties, attractive scents, mood stabilisers and the insane ability slow down aging skin.

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Frank & Flo’s beard balm is the calm after any storm, while traditionally this is a styling product; it contains all the amazing qualities that you find in your beard oil and used together, contain everything you need for both beard and beast. The main draw card of the balm it its instant effect, beard oils can take 5-7 days to truly reward your skin and facial hair where as the balm kicks into business straight away, giving your hair the nourishment it needs and the ability to control. For style, shape and hold, THIS IS YOUR PRODUCT. They help restore skin cells, promote growth and improve physical appearance.

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Frank & Flo moustache wax is a mans best friend, a pocket sized tin full of superpowers that allow you to style and groom with confidence. Regardless of your moustache style or goals, this wax will get you there. The moustache wax is made from natural products that help hydrate, nourish the skin, encourage growth and gets rid of the itch. Your mo will adorn a new found shine, as well as soft smooth finish.


Frank & Flo Tattoo After Care Balm is a new tattoo's best mate. It can even be used on older tattoo's to add vibrancy and make the colours pop again. Our healing balm helps to keep your skin soft, while its anti inflammatory and restorative ingredients protects the skin. Protective, conditioning, soothing, healing, colour enhancing.......What more do you need?

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